Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Time for an Election...

Well, Yellow Saturday has given us two important things: an overdue sullying of Brown's reputation, and a reprieve for the Lib Dems. Because lets face it, we were not going to have good results on the 1st of November. I feel that we would have lost some seats, maybe 8 or so.

Now that we have breathing space, its time for us to do a brave and distasteful thing and pressure Ming to step down. Not because he is incompetent, not because he is old but because of the very simple fact that he fails to embody the radical, liberal, dynamic presence that Paddy Ashdown and Charles Kennedy exhibited in different ways and that we need to get ahead and fight for our corner and our policies in this 21st century, media driven political atmosphere.

Ming's mantra has always been the maximum number of votes, the maximum number of seats. In order to serve that mantra best, sadly he has to go.

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