Thursday, 4 October 2007

Damn Stupid

That's the CWU, by the way. Yes indeed, the Communication Workers Union, the Stalinist trade union that's intent on living in the 1970's has once again gone on strike over pay. There is no quicker way to destroy forever the Royal Mail and quicken the decline of their union and the TUC than to deliberately sabotage it in this way. The Royal Mail is struggling desperately to carve out a role for itself in the 21st century, whilst the CWU seem to think that a bloated mail service can survive on junkmail, old grannies and Christmas cards. Meanwhile, businesses are voting with their feet and leaving royal mail for FedEx and the like.

And even more importantly, the strike means I wont get my amazon packages for literally weeks! Aargh!

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mindstar said...

As a less than exciting side note, my copies of Transmetropolitan arrived today. Only a week late. Ho Hum.