Thursday, 4 October 2007

Cameron's Speech

I know it was yesterday, but I thought I'd give my thoughts on the Tory Leaders ramblings.

There was a lot of talk about the market and freedom, and privatising education and the welfare system. The City Academy system is avery good and liberal idea, but in Dave's speech there was no talk of regulation or limits. What he wants to do is to create a hotch-potch mess of a system, where there is no consistency and no space for anything other than academic performance. Just throwing education open to wind leaves you with the poorest children suffering in order to satisfy the whims and prejudice's of middle class parents.

A big alarm bell rings over his proposals to Americanize our welfare system. There is no nation more ghastly or anti-liberal in all Western Democracy than the US of A, and to privatise a welfare system creates a huge wage slave workforce, bent double in under paid, menial jobs that they cannot quit or refuse, devaluing them as people and individuals. It breaks apart families and would return us to a Victorian world of servants and masters.

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