Monday, 30 June 2008

Dark Times In Harare

I love Africa, I always have. I love its hot, crisp air, I love the languages, the people, the landscapes that stretch for ever and the terrible reggae music on the radio's.

What Mugabe is doing is an abomination. He has torn his own country apart, betrayed his people and reduced Zimbabwe to a wreck. Now he steals an election whilst Thabo Mbeki smiles incoherently from the sidelines.

We need practical action. Our Government and all of us have to do something.

1. Freeze bank accounts, seize assets of the elite in the UK
2. A total EU wide travel/visa ban, including airspace and territorial waters, on any ZANU-PF official, any member of Mugabe's family and any Zimbabwean military officer
3. Fund and train and support in every way possible every form of mobilisation and resistance by the people of Zimbabwe. I read that a baby had had its legs broken to punish the parents. This must be stopped.
4. Food, Aid and medicine drops by the EU/NATO over suffering areas to try and lessen government stranglehold.
5. Heavy lobbying of Jacob Zuma to condemn Mugabe and cut off support when he is SA President. Mbeki is a lost cause, Zuma is the future. Lets try and make it a bright one.

6. Us, the ordinary Citizens , should noisily protest day and night outside the Zimbabwean embassy and offices of companies that support his regime.

One thing that is not needed is military intervention. As Iraq proved, you cant make war on a dictator, you only kill the people. We don't need to go down this road. But there are many steps we can take. Lets start now.

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